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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  August 23, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> young the sixers player is trade todd minnesota today part of three team deal. sixers get a first around pick and veteran ford lupa muta and guard alexa spmed. >> young thanked the team on twitter and said the city will always have a special place if his heart. as far as the new sixers bamute former second round pick that played for minnesota, sacramento and milwaukee actually helped discover joel embeeb and both are from cameroon. >> one less mistake and it could have been takeny playing in the little league world series title today. moyn a davis and -- they'll b
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being in, vegas with up winning run at the plate. double play, chicago wins 7-5. they play south core he 'little legal world series championship. phil mickelson after hitting another shot into a hospitality shot. >> up stayed of taking a drop he plays it out of the tent. the fans were nice and offered him beer, wine, and chips. didn't take anything to drink just wanted to play golf. >> up close and personal experience. they paid for. it thanks, jeff. >> a local veteran received a welcome home six decades after he served our country. >> alfred martin could not
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believe the crowd that gathered outside of brook haich home today to wish him a happy birthdaych the navy veteran served in worl war ii and turned 9. members from the american leemon, firefighters, shet ran groups came out to shake this man's hand. >> coming up in the next half washington d.c.. bowbow the panda bear turns one.
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american journalist james foley and threatened to kill more. you can not see his face. his voice may give him away. joe torres explains. >> reporter: the international hunt for islamic terrorist responsible for shocking beheading of james foley in syria is bearing results. british intelligence officials are zeroing in on several london isis. they're threatening to execute a second jurplist and two more americans will being held by the army that warned it will kill all hostages if the u.s. doesn't stop barrage of air strikes against their positions in iraq and fighters will bring terror to the united states sparking new security warnings. >> it would be, isis is believed
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to be able to attack u.s. interest with little or no warning at all. >> this is beyond anything we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. >> the military options include hitting isis with air strike in syria with large. >> president obama still on vacation faces tough decision when's he returns sunday night. i'm joe torres, "abc news," new york. "good morning america" will have the laimentet open the search for james foley's killer. tune in tomorrow morning 8 a.m. after "action news." and a gwynn village restaurant it happened after two cooks got into an altercation at snucky's oys ter bar and crabhouse. police say a 49-year-old man
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stabbed the 41-year-old man in the chest and the victim was hospitalized in stable condition. police did take the suspect into custody. out of our delaware newsroom tonight five people escaped an apartment fire here in wilmington. firefighters respond todd 1100 block of lancaster avenue 7:00. smoke and flames were coming from second floor apartment and a store front church on first floor sustained smoke damage. nobody was injured. also in delaware police say a burglary investigation led to a meth lab bust in fell ton. state troopers too mc callla in custody tonight. troopers went ttalk to him in the first place after his brother-in-law reported a burglary at his garage in harrington. mc cullou gr h is held on 18,000 bound. >> the collision happened before
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1:00 on wynnewood road and the road was shut down in both directions for a time. the injured person was flown to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police are now investigating to determine which driver caused this crash. and police say a 3-year-old man died after being shot back stage at a concert in philadelphiach the gunfire erupted at the am if the unidentied victim died at the hospital today and police ar looking at the suspect and how a gun made it into the venues because patients go through secure can i screenings. >> this afternoon, demonstrateers with local naacp marched to site where unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police on august 9. supporters rallied for the
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officer that pulled the trigger holding signs that read independent until provrp guilty. darin wilson has been in hiding since the shooting. >> we want justice. >> yes we do. >>er regardless. >> yes. >> and for mike brown. >> thousands demonstrated peacefully in staten island to protest choke hold death of unarmed black man by white new york city police officer. they won an arrest and for officer's involved in the death of eric garner to be fired. garner's death was ruled a homicide after taken by the jound by a police officer who used a band choke hold maneuver. 2500 people took narcotic today's march. >> surveillance out of san diego county showing a passenger being pummeled on a trolley. security guards were oihe rollea trolley station and told it was not allowed by the guard.
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he didn't light it and got on to the train. shortly after, two guards came up and started swinging batons. they arrested him and accused him of arrest resisting arrest and beat him for several minute. >> you did not resist? >> you can call it what you want you know? there's was a scuffle. but -- it was based on. >> he was led away shirtless and handcuffs. in the end not charged by a crime. two security guards suspended and could lose their jobs. >> this is new video over mc greg or text emten company says unarmed aircraft blew itself up after a test run. engineers were experimenting where three engine version of the rocket no one was injured. a little boy was taken to the hospital in colorado yesterday after he drank a dairy queen
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milk shake spiked with commercial strength cleaner they went out for ice cream thursday night and 7-year-old riley told his mother his mouth burned after taking a sip and she tried it too you. >> couldn't taste the ice cream it was like you were drinking a strong lenser and then it burned instantly. the dairy queen manager admitted employee put vanilla syrup into a container soaking in yle and not properly cleaned. both riley and lisa are okay. kids in our area might not want to think about it but it is almost time to head back to class. today in several locations students got help getting ready for a new school year. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was there. >> brianna joined her cuz ninz sneaker villa for power circle
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second annual backpack get away choosing this one. in germantown the 6300 block xun 2eu group and concord school got kids ready for donations for fifth year in a row. >> it's go back to sool and be in a classroom and learn things. >> by all means. >> with clothes and hair cuts. >> these kids can't wait to go. >> back to school. >> those words are music to organizer's ears hoping to give kids a break. parents depend on it. >> it doesn't get respected it seems so costly especially going to uniforms and policing for those in need. it's also a policing we also -- >> organizeers of camden power circle pulled from personal experience. >> we're from here we snow exactly what the kids need.
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and they want to learn. >> all three organizations spread across the area do not want thank yous they want this. >> i want to go back to school. >> annie mccormick "channel 6 action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, jeff is back with another look at tonight's philly's nail biter. >> and we'll tell you about a pop star that took a dive on a stage at a charity concert this weekend and a couple has better will luck in vegas air algerie slot machine that had not paid off in 0 years. >> earlier today showers are moving to the south and stays cloudy and it will turn sunny and brighter for the second half of the weekend. those details coming up with the of the weekend. those details coming up with the accuweather forecast
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when it gave up 2 million jackpot to a couple from new hampshire. lucky gamblers tamed the lion. >> meteorologist melissa magee here with another check of accuweather. 50/50 this weekend. >> yeah we got bad 50 today and good part tomorrow, sarah. conditions improve. we'll show what you is going on outside. quiet. couple sprinkles lerlly tonight across the northwestern suburbs. those continue to dry out as we get a northeast wind that
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punches southward overnight tonight into sunday. we'll show you picture outside. sky6 live in hd on saturday night. looking at hen house square. you can see folks out and about on the sdpa. probably an extra layer because temperatures are cooler than normal today. and high today in philadelphia climbed up to 74. that's nine degrees shy of average. average for us is 85. outside tonight just 65 in the city and poconos 6 1. allentown and lehigh valley 63. and along the coast in beach haivb 7 0. 68 dover, wilmington and also upper 6 0s. you look at the 24 hour temperature change across the region five degrees cooler in philadelphia and 8 cooler in yesterday than it was 24 hours ago. givers you indication of clouds, precipitation, and that constant easterly wind. tonight, the winds will shift from east to northeasterly direction and northerly
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component to wind will help everybody dry everything out and push precipitation south. action radar, precip goes away and stays mostly cloudy tonight. clear skies across north sections of new york state and also across new england. this will be our weather maker as we get to sunday. tomorrow nice and sunny, low humidity on the way thanks to high pressure getting closer to our region and high temperature tomorrow 81. till comfortable and should be closer to middle 80s. 70 down the shore and inland pick of the week, clouds to sunshine tomorrow high temperature of 77 degrees. and up north of the city in north of the shore tomorrow in the poconos, 75. turning sunny as we get into the afternoon hours. and here's the call from accuweather as we breakdown the day looking at the day planner. 8:00 in the morning tomorrow 65. clouds and sunshine. sharing the sky. and 75 at 11 a.m. and if we hit
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that we will be warmer than high temperature today, 78, 2:00 in the afternoon and 81 is the number 5:00 in the early evening. here's the accuweather forecast, sunny, warmer tomorrow, high of 1. on monday, low humidity, stays nice high of 84. tuesday nothing to complain about 86, wednesday a bit of pattern change more humid high temperature of 89. thursday, sunny. some sun and still humid. high temperature of about 89 degrees. late in the day thursday and even into friday spotty or stray thunderstorm lookly and that could carry over into next weekend. good news tomorrow sarah sunny and dry. >> thanks melissa. "people scene", iggie is having a laugh after a miss half on stage. australian rapper fell into the crowd last night by performing at a benefit concert hosted by
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mtv music award she barely missed a beat after security guards pulled her up. she felt blessed she didn't break her leg. she posted a video of the fall on instagram with caption i know, i laughed and she is not a pop star but this panda knows how to draw a crowd. bow bow put on a show for her birthday. she reached for peaches which symbolize longevity. she is only second panda cub to >> phillies beating themselves
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tonight in the sixth inning two fielding errors, scored three runs for st. louis cardinals. phils fall behind, back they come against cardinals. bottom 6, ryan howard opposite field homer. howard fourth in the league with 80 rbis phils within two. in the eighth, bases loaded. no out. two run score. tieing at 5. we go to extra innings. ken giles gets in trouble but not in the twelfth. matt carpenter with a sack fly. phillies down 1 in the twelfth with one out and no base runners. >> football eagles have until next saturday to get the roingt to 53. >> alejandro was one of the
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players let go today. >> the fight on the football field for roster spot continues and it's getting nerve wraking perhaps instreaking who will be kicker when season starts. alex henery missed a 31 yard field goal and eagles traded for colts kicker kody parkey chip kelly is not getting henry a former fourth round pick. >> nothing ols we can do. we can't get another scaimage or game we have to make decisions based on amount of time we have. instead of saying i don't know how i can do this or that. it's from now until thursday night and one more game officials under lights we got a chance to play and then we have to make a decision. >> preseason football tonight dallas, miami, tony row mom mow throws for 87 yards and back
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tested sacked three times in first half. starting offense scored two fieldgoals. dallas losses. cowboys are 0-3 so far. >> how about red kins and ravens deshawn jackson tarringited twice. no catches tonight. his feet aout of bound. jackson two catch this preseason for the skins. baltimore stays perfect in preseason game play. >> thaddeus young the longest tenured player sprayed todd minnesota today part of three team deal in exchange for young they get a first round pick and veteran ford luke amute and guard alexi sfed. michael carter williams the only player from opening day starting lineup of last year. he september 6 conditions withp sixers. he loves his time here. >> joey lagano wins in bris ton tonight.
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>> sarah. >> thank you. >> athletes hit the field with military members in mind. dozens of teams signed up for soccer for soldiers tournament proceeds benefit operation home front providing emergency assistance to military families. the past two years the event raised $50,000. "castle" is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, have and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great night
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